Piero della Francesca tour of Arezzo, Monterchi and Sansepolcro

In the footsteps of Piero della Francesca between Arezzo and the Valtiberina with an art historian guide

This guided tour with an artistic and cultural theme follows in the footsteps of Piero della Francesca, genius of the Renaissance painter and humanist, mathematician, master of light, symbols and perspective.

A tour on Piero della Francesca accompanied by an expert tour guide, art historian and author of art books on the Renaissance who will let you discover the magic of Piero della Francesca’s painting.

The wonder of seeing live extraordinary works of art history such as “The Madonna del Parto” in Monterchi, “The Resurrection” and the “Polittico della Misericordia” -“Polyptych of Mercy”- in Sansepolcro and “The Legend of the True Cross” in Arezzo

The tour will take you to a less explored part of Tuscany, the Valtiberina on the border with Umbria, Romagna and Marche.

Discovering the masterpieces of Piero della Francesca and the "most beautiful painting in the world"

In the space of one day we will visit Arezzo where Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece is kept, the “Legend of the True Cross” frescoed in the Bacci Chapel in the Church of San Francesco. Another fresco by Piero della Francesca, the “Mary Magdalen” painted by the master under still unknown circumstances, can be admired in the Cathedral.

After the visit of Arezzo, the day will continue with the move by own means to Monterchi (30 km from Arezzo) to see the Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca, one of the highest and most original expressions of the iconography of the Madonna as mother of Christ, whose human nature is highlighted by the artist being born of a young girl in an advanced state of pregnancy,

We will then continue to Sansepolcro where a visit to the Civic Museum awaits us which contains important works by Piero della Francesca: the fresco with the “Resurrection” a true masterpiece defined by the English writer Aldous Huxley “the most beautiful painting in the world”, the “Polyptych of the Madonna della Misericordia”, the “San Giuliano” and the “San Ludovico”. The tour will end with a visit to the Cathedral of Sansepolcro and the Piazza della Torre di Berta.

Tour Details


  • Piero della Francesca’s frescoes with the Legend of the True Cross in the Bacci Chapel in San Francesco in Arezzo

  • The Church of San Francesco in Arezzo

  • Santa Maria della Pieve in Arezzo with the Polyptych by Pietro Lorenzetti

  • The Cathedral of Arezzo with the “Mary Magdalene” by Piero della Francesca

  • Piazza Grande in Arezzo with the Logge di Vasari and the Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici

  • The Church of San Domenico with the Crucifix by Cimabue

  • The Madonna del Parto” by Piero della Francesca in Monterchi

  • The “Resurrection” by Piero della Francesca in Sansepolcro

  • The “Madonna of Mercy” by Piero della Francesca in Sansepolcro

  • Piero della Francesca’s “San Ludovico” and “San Giuliano” in Sansepolcro

  • The Cathedral of Sansepolcro

  • The square of the Tower of Berta in Sansepolcro

Expert guide and art historian

History and Renaissance art tour