About Us

I'm Susanna Buricchi – Founder of Artours, Art Historian, Author of Art Books, Tour Guide and AIS III Level Sommelier

I have transformed my passion and my Art History studies into a job that I love and create every day as a beauty craftsman!

A work based on the search for the highest quality content and experiences to offer to my clients. For this I employ a team of professionals in many different fields all of which are essential to create authentic, unique and wonderful travel experiences for my clients.

Very good guides work alongside me and many selected service providers such as drivers, chefs, winemakers, artisans who will accompany you in your unforgettable Artours experiences!


I am the author of several books on art history, essays and entries for museum catalogues and art exhibitions

Now I present to you… my books!

Writing is my passion and another profession that I have been doing for many years.

In particular, writing about art, which, as you can easily understand, is my other great love. In fact, my training is the classical one of Graduated and Specialized Art Historian (PhD) at the University of Florence.

From entire books dedicated to the art of the entire Renaissance or to that of the sixteenth century, to guides to territories such as Arezzo and the Valtiberina, or to cities such as Florence, or to museums such as the Uffizi Gallery, up to texts for high schools on the art of the Renaissance and Mannerism, to the cards for exhibition catalogs or other important Italian and foreign museums.

The intent has always been that of dissemination, which draws on my experiences and knowledge to reach interested people.

Because there is never a better way to understand than first assimilating and making a content your own and then communicating it through writing or speech, giving back to people what you know best, moreover increased and enlivened by your own human essence and our experiences of life

Many of these books, especially those dedicated to the Renaissance and the Uffizi, have been translated into various foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, which besides being of great satisfaction makes you shiver thinking about how many people may have read me in languages unknown to me and in distant countries.

I wrote sometimes alone, sometimes as co-author alongside valid colleagues, sometimes for academic and scientific articles and publications, other times simply for the web.

But always with great satisfaction and with the sense of curiosity, challenge and adventure of wanting to penetrate those marvelous and mysterious territories which are the universes of works of art with their extraordinary beauty and their universal and timeless qualities.

What is Artours?

Artours is a company that deals with cultural tourism and tourism linked to art throughout Italy and in particular in Tuscany.

Founded by the art historian Susanna Buricchi, Artours is dedicated to the design and organization of art and cultural trips, providing support and advice to international agencies and tour operators who want to organize trips with a high artistic content in Italy.

It also offers highly qualified services for guided visits to cities of art, exhibitions, museums, for specific tours dedicated to the knowledge of wine, food, craftsmanship and Made in Italy products.

A long activity in the field of cultural tourism that allows us to suggest accommodation facilities selected on the basis of charm and location, to develop classic itineraries and
special itineraries tailored to the customer which can also include private visits to places not normally accessible to a large public and offer ancillary services such as museum and exhibition reservations, transfers, visits to cellars, craft workshops, art history lectures, cooking lessons, e-bike and vespa tours.