Cortona tour + experience at the oil mill with his majesty’s extravirgin olive oil

The wonders of Cortona and the tasting of Tuscan DOP extra virgin olive oil

Artours offers you a fantastic experience!

A guided tour of the ancient Etruscan city of Cortona perched on a high hill and surrounded by the splendid terraces where olive trees have been grown for millennia is combined, in this tour, with an experience in the oil mill to learn about the process of harvesting and pressing the olives to obtain the highly prized Tuscan extra virgin olive oil that you will taste in various ways and also in a fun blind tasting that will test your senses!

A tour of Cortona which is also a fantastic oil tasting experience in Tuscany!

You will be fascinated by the perfect combination of art, landscape architecture transformed by man and the age-old wisdom necessary to create an excellent natural product at the basis of Tuscan cuisine


This guided tour of Cortona combines a visit to one of the most beautiful villages in Tuscany and a fascinating journey into the kingdom of His Majesty extra virgin olive oil

It is an exciting and interesting tour of Cortona for everyone. For adults, a stimulating and instructive journey that goes through all the phases of the process and illustrates the careful steps. For the little ones, an original and engaging journey to learn to appreciate the fruits of nature and the passion that goes into treating them.

A guided tour of Cortona with much more!

Cortona is a town of Etruscan origins rich in history, art and fabulous museums. In the 18th century it became famous in Europe for its illustrious “Etruscan Academy” and the “Etruscan Museum”, both founded in 1728 to begin the studies of this ancient civilization with obscure origins. For this reason Cortona became an international center of archaeological research and this erudite society had as members prestigious writers living throughout Europe such as Voltaire and Montesquieu. More recently Cortona has returned to the international spotlight thanks to the novel by the Californian writer Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun ( Under the Tuscan sun) which is set there as well as the film that was based on it. Its magnificent position on top of a high hill overlooking the Valdichiana is unique and the view that extends to Lake Trasimeno is breathtaking.

An unusual way to discover Cortona and the excellence of Tuscan olive oil

Walking along the picturesque squares and alleys of the historic center among the churches and medieval buildings of Cortona, you will walk along Via Nazionale, the only flat street where small boutiques overlook, stopping in Piazza della Repubblica to tell the ancient and medieval history, admire the Palazzo Comunale, then moving to the nearby Piazza Signorelli talking about the Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the city of Cortona (MAEC) until reaching the Duomo to admire its beautiful interior with Baroque paintings.


The tour will then continue to the oil mill to be reached with your own means of transport (15 minutes) where the guide will explain the tradition of the production of Tuscan olive oil and you will be welcomed by the owner who will accompany you on a visit to the olive grove, the oil mill himself, finishing the tour on a high note with the tasting.

Tour Details

What you will see on the Cortona Tour with olive oil tasting experience at the mill

  • Piazza della Repubblica in Cortona with its splendid view of the Valdichiana
  • The Church of San Domenico in Cortona with paintings by Luca Signorelli and Lorenzo di Niccolò
  • La Ruga Piana with its noble palaces
  • Piazza della Repubblica in Cortona with the Town Hall
  • Piazza Signorelli in Cortona
  • Palazzo Casali home to the Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the City of Cortona
  • The Cathedral of Cortona
  • The Church of San Francesco in Cortona
  • A Tuscan oil mill
  • The master oil mill descendant of a family that has owned an oil mill for 750 years
  • The olive trees
  • The different qualities of Tuscan olive trees and olives

What you will do on this tour

A guided tasting of olive oil, learning to recognize its aromas, freshness and organoleptic properties. It is a highly educational tour that provides fundamental information to learn to recognize and purchase the best possible quality extra virgin olive oil both in Italy and abroad.

Expert guide, art historian and olive oil expert

Master oil mill operator who will accompany you on the tour and tasting of olive oil in the oil mill

Tour of History, Art and Architecture, Agricultural and Culinary Traditions

Experience of visiting the oil mill with tasting of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil